T-SQL Tutorial

T-SQL Views

A T-SQL view is a virtual table and is created by a select composed of one or more tables.
A T-SQL view is composed of an SQL query.

Create View

The T-SQL statement Create View is used to create views.

CREATE VIEW view_name
SQL statement

Alter View

The T-SQL statement Alter View is used to modify an existing view.

ALTER VIEW view_name
SQL statement

Modify Rows From View

You can modify view records using the insert, update or delete commands.

INSERT INTO view_name (column1, column2) VALUES (value1, value2);
UPDATE view_name SET column1=value1, column2=value2 WHERE column3=value3;
DELETE FROM view_name WHERE column1=value1;

Rename View

To rename view uses sp_rename command.


Drop View

To delete a view is used the command DROP VIEW.

DROP VIEW View_Name;

Views in Object Catalog Views

To check for a view information uses T-SQL Object Catalog Views.

select * from sys.views;
select * from sys.all_views where name='View_Name';
select * from sys.system_views where name='View_Name';
select * from sys.objects where type='VIEW';