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Msg 195 Level 15 - Is not a recognized built-in function name

SQL Server error message 195, with a severity level of 15, is a common error that occurs when a T-SQL statement references a function or command that the SQL Server engine does not recognize as a built-in function or as a user-defined function in the current context. This error is indicative of a syntax issue or a reference to a function that does not exist in the database you are working with. Is not a recognized built-in function name means that the function name is misspelled or does not exist.

Common causes of this error include:

Typographical Errors: A common reason for this error is typographical mistakes in the SQL statement. Check the spelling of the function or command you are trying to use.
Incorrect Context: Some functions or commands are only valid in specific contexts. For example, you cannot use certain string functions in a numeric context, and vice versa. Make sure you are using the function in an appropriate context.
Function Does Not Exist: Ensure that the function you are trying to use actually exists. It may not be a built-in function or a user-defined function in the current database.
Quotation Marks: If you are using a string function, make sure you have enclosed the string in single or double quotation marks, depending on your SQL Server's configuration.
Case Sensitivity: SQL Server is usually case-insensitive, but depending on the collation settings, it can be case-sensitive. Double-check the case of the function or command name to make sure it matches the database's collation settings.

Msg 195 Level 15 Example

Invalid select:

SELECT YEAR123('2014-03-01') as 'Col 1',

Msg 195, Level 15, State 10, Line 1
'YEAR123' is not a recognized built-in function name.

Correct select:

SELECT YEAR('2014-03-01') as 'Col 1',

Col 1Col 2

By addressing the issue that triggered SQL Server error 195, you can ensure the correct execution of your query or statement. Careful examination of your SQL code and the context in which you are using functions can help you identify and resolve this error effectively.

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